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Complete Homeopathic Care from a Family of Homeopaths

We offer comprehensive treatment for a wide range of Acute and Chronic diseases, as listed below.
We Can Help YOU :

*Children -
Recurring Cold / Cough with Chest Congestion ;
Immunity & Growth Issues ;
Dentition problems; ADHD ; 

Females -
Menstrual problems; Uterine Fibroids ; PCOS ; Leucorrhoea ; PID ; Vaginitis ; Vulvodynia,   etc

Allergies -
>> Respiratory -- Asthma ; Rhinitis; Sinusitis
>> Skin - Urticaria
>> Milk / Gl
uten Allergy, etc

Skin diseases :
Psoriasis, Eczema,
Atopic Dermatitis,
Molluscum Contagiosum,
Lichen Simplex, etc

Other General Complaints :
* Alopecia ; Pre-mature Balding, or Thinning of Hair;
* Severe/ Chronic Dandruff

*Chronic Pain / Fibromyalgia
*Arthritis, Gout , Sciatica & other Spinal Disorders
*Recurring Colds/Cough

*Ear, Nose, and Throat Ailments

*Sleeplessness (Insomnia)
*Stress Disorders
*Addiction ( Smoking/Alcoholism)
*Weight Management
*Digestive Problems
*Kidney and Gall-Stones
*Benign Prostate Hypertrophy , etc...

Call for an appointment

1) Dr.S.K.Agarwal  - Sec-7

            Ph : +91 11 9313 100 529

2) Dr.Reema Agarwal - Sec-22

         Ph: +91 11  9350 863 481

                +91 11  9711 917 915

3) Dr.Anit Agarwal  - Sec-6

             Ph: +91 11 9811 786 879

Sectors- 6, 7 & 22 ;
New Delhi, India

E-mail :

Kindly Note :-
For Local cases, Appointments can be fixed on Phone

For Patients from abroad, Consultations can be booked via Skype / Whatsapp

Our Formulations

(Own Research and Development)

1) Skin Lotion
External application for Chloasma, Acne and other Skin Blemishes.
             Multiple uses- as a medicinal application for skin diseases,as an after-shave lotion, as a general lotion to keep the skin hydrated and soft.
             Hypoallergenic; Contains Homoeopathic medicines in a base of Glycerin and Rose-water.


2) Shishu Raksha
For Infants and Children;
            Helps in Easy Dentition, Healthy Teething and Physical growth;
            Aids in digestion and assimilation of food.
            Bio-chemic formulation; Safe, with no side-effects.
            Presentation : Powder form, easily dissolves on tongue.


3) Hair-Tonic :
External application on Scalp, for Alopecia (Hair-fall) and Dandruff.


4) M-S Combo

For Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
like :-  Arthritis,
          Cervical Spondylosis, etc.

Other Spinal Disorders like :-
    Disc prolapse/ Compression, 
    Disc degeneration,
    Sciatica, etc.
Highly effective and safe Bio-chemic formulation.

Presentation - Powder form for easy dissolving on tongue


Home Medi Kit

 Contains 18 homeopathic medicines, with indications for use in common ailments like diarrhoea, fever, cough and cold etc.

USP 's :-

 > Encompasses a wide variety of ailments for adults and children.
> No secret coding. All medicines are named, so can be replenished at any time, from any Homeopathic Pharmacy.

Available only at our Centers.

We treat each patient with compassion and dignity. We are committed to listening to each patient's concerns patiently and completely, and  treating common as well as chronic ailments with due diligence.

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